About Mary’s Wild Joys



Our Story

Mary’s Wild Joys is an innovative new brand, a signature greeting card range. Inspired by Ogham, the ancient Celtic Gaelic alphabet, Irish birds, native trees and wildlife creatures are our themes.

We offer an exquisite and unique range of gift bundles and premium gift box collections of our sustainable greeting cards and artwork. Conceived, designed and produced in Kerry, we hand sketch and hand script all our work.

As a style, we opt for the understated. We create in a black and white medium, minimising ink waste and avoiding water and ground pollution caused by colour ink dyes. We value biodiversity and habitat protection.

Distinguished by simplicity, we celebrate, create and share haiga art, a blend of our own haiku poetry and our sketching, using a textured sturdy mount board for our unique haiga art prints.

Go on! Spread the joy!

Cards to cherish, nature in Ireland

The Environment

We follow an eco-friendly product and process format and are determined to bring high-quality greeting cards to you that are made from biodegradable materials. Our energy emission carbon footprint is low. We minimise waste. By using only the grey tray of ink when printing, we avoid wastage, especially where colour ink and dyes can so frequently and unfortunately end up in landfill, in water and in the oceans. All the paper we use is certified as FSC, Forest stewardship Council.

Trade and Wholesale

Yes we do sell to trade buyers and to wholesalers. Please contact us if you are interested in our trade and wholesale price arrangements. Thank you.