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Haiga is an ancient Japanese art style. Here at Mary’s Wild Joys, we have fallen in love with haiga.

It brings two art forms together, a haiku poem and a nature sketch. Placed together in a shared art space, the sketch and the poem combine to create a beautiful new art form, a haiga.

We create unique haiga with native Irish trees, birds and animals. We sketch. We write haiku. We bring them together, all by hand.

Inspired by Ogham, part of Ireland’s fascinating heritage since ancient Celtic times, we select the twenty trees and the twenty birds as images, those that are representative symbolically of each letter of the Ogham alphabet. Our haiku springs from a love of Gaelic folklore.

We love what we do and hope you find it satisfying too.

Our Haiga Art is available in three styles.

Mary’s Haiga Art Prints

Hand wrapped individually in acid free tissue, 15cm x 15cm: Sustainable Sturdy Mount Board:

Premium Quality: Ready to Frame

Mary’s Haiga Flat Cards: 60 X A6 size.

Twenty Animals of Ireland haiga, Twenty Trees of Ireland haiga, Twenty Birds of Ireland haiga

Mary’s Haiga Greeting Card Range

Each animal, tree and bird haiga is available as an individual greeting card or as a Gift Box Collection