What is Ogham Haiga

Ogham-Haiga is a delicate blend of two ancient art forms

What is Ogham?

Dating back to the druids, ogham is a form of ancient writing that was used to record names on burial plots and mark boundaries. Ancient Celtic culture had an oral tradition, taught by mouth and maintained in memory. It committed very little to written format. Ogham was made up of a series of straight or angled slashes, inscribed either side of a straight line. Stones with ogham inscriptions are found throughout Ireland.

What is Haiga?

Haiga is an art style that is part of Japanese culture. Traditionally, the artist paints an image and then accompanies the image with a short composed poem. The image tends to be light ink brush strokes and minimalist in detail. The poem sits alongside the image but it is not intended to explain it.

At the foot of Mount Fuji, before the ascent

Refreshed, Visiting a Shrine