Create Your Own

Create your own Haiga

Why not create your own unique nature haiga?

Here at Mary’s Haiga, we love to work with nature’s imagery. So send us that special photograph and let us help you create your own unique haiga artwork. 
We cannot work with images that feature any human person(s). But we do love to work with all other natural imagery: animal, fish or bird life, seascape or landscape etc

Simply follow these four easy steps using the form on this page:

  • Send your picture to Mary’s Haiga
  • Complete the section, in not more than 50 words, explaining why this image is important or special to you.
  • Here at Mary’s Haiga, we will collaborate and communicate with you via email, in order to help you compose your own unique haiku poem.
  • When you are happy to move on, Mary’s Haiga will put the finishing touches to your unique haiga and then return the finished product to you.

Dimensions and Medium

Each Haiga art piece measures 10 x 12 inches in size. Each is mounted on quality canvas stretched on a solid pine frame.